The Importance of UPSC CSAT exam

For every civil aspirant, the UPSC CSAT exam is very crucial. This exam requires a minimum qualifying rate of 33% of the total marks. Hence, to get good results, aspirants prepare the entire syllabus and give their best in the examination. Its syllabus contains Quantitative aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Reasoning and Data interpretation sections.

Every aspirant should remember that without scoring the minimum qualifying marks in the CSAT, their paper of GS will not be evaluated in the further round. Now, this fact may oblige you to think about what is so special about this CSAT exam. Well, not just in civil services but in another exam also, aptitude exams carry value. Below, we discussed important reasons why CSAT is crucial. Read on.

3 Reasons UPSC CSAT is important

1.To assess the creativity  

Although many aspirants will start arguing that creativity is used in the CIVIL services exam, remember that every job profile demands the same, and civil services are no exception. Being creative does not mean you have to click pictures, write poems, or paint. In simpler words, it means what new ideas you can introduce while serving as a civil servant.

For instance, during services, you may need to handle complicated situations. In that scenario, creativity works. And that is why aptitude and reasoning sections test your cognitive ability and boost your thinking power. This is why appearing for the CSAT exam is crucial, and every civil services aspirant must appear once in their life for the same.

2.Check the Problem solving ability

According to research, many students do not have problem solving ability. As a result, they panic in tough times and give up. Remember that innovation and new ideas come after facing certain challenges. Therefore, one must have the problem solving ability and this CSAT exam to achieve that purpose only.

A civil servant must have the problem solving ability to tackle new challenges and problems. It makes aspirants mentally strong through reasoning and data interpretation questions. That is why CSAT exams play a major role in cognitive development. So, if you are preparing for the same exam, we suggest you refer to the previous year’s papers first and then sample papers. The more you will focus on the CSAT subject wise questions weightage in UPSC, the better result you will achieve with good scores.

3. Communication skills

Now, if you think aptitude has nothing to do with communication, then you are wrong. Please read the first paragraph of this blog, where we have highlighted the name of sections. One among them is reading comprehension, which is related to the language part. This section contains questions on grammar and passages.

Solving such questions will make aspirants aware of new words. As a result, it will improve their communication skills, and they can communicate well with their team members. In any workplace or organization, your success will be determined by how good a communicator you are. Joining a communication class is also effective, but there it has no match with the aptitude exam. Therefore, we suggest that once in a while appear for the CSAT exam to test your communication skill.

Final words

The UPSC CSAT exam is a very important paper. Do not underestimate its importance and why we are saying so; read the post above carefully. Be an early bird and do not procrastinate for the future. Tomorrow never comes, and start referring to study materials now! Remember that aptitude exams not only score your academic skills but also assess the logic and cognitive ability. This is what the article is all about.

Ravi Giri
नमस्कार दोस्तों, मै रवि गिरी Hindi Tech Academy का संस्थापक हूँ, मुझे पढ़ने और लिखने का काफी शौख है और इसीलिए मैंने इस ब्लॉग को बनाया है ताकि हर रोज एक नयी चीज़ के बारे में अपने ब्लॉग पर लिख कर आपके समक्ष रख सकू।


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