Top Best Most Popular Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify in India

In today’s article, we will know about Top Best Most Popular Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify in India. If you like listening Kids and Family Podcast then this article only for you so stay tuned and find your best Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify.

Top Best Most Popular Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify in India

This is a list of all very popular Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify in India. They are ranked by traffic rank, social media followers, domain authority & freshness you can follow.

Devgatha: Mythology in a New Avataar

From exploits of Lord Krishna as a child; to tales of Lord Ganesh. And from stories of Navaratri to the Kathas from the Purans. Listen to the stories of Devs, Daanavs, Daityas, Maanavs, Yakshas, Kinnars and Rakshasas, only on Devgatha podcast by gaathastory. All new episodes of Devgatha Podcast are now available in English and Hindi exclusively on Spotify.

Podcast Link-Devgatha: Mythology in a New Avataar

Baalgatha : Bedtime Stories for Children

Welcome to Baalgatha Podcast, the home of classic bedtime stories for kids. These are tales that not only entertain, but also educate your child.We bring to you

classic tales from Pachatantra, Jataka and Hitopadesha, as well as modern tales by today’s authors. Baalgatha stories are brought to you by gaathastory, and you can listen to hundreds of childrens’ stories with morals. in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu.All new episodes of Baalgatha Podcast are now available exclusively on Spotify.

Podcast Link-Baalgatha : Bedtime Stories for Children

Indian Folk Stories For Kids

Chimes Radio presents a collection of folk stories for kids from the land of India. Curated carefully from different parts of the country, we present some of the best folk tales from South India, North-East India, Western India and Northern India.

Each of these story is laden with strong moral lessons for children that they will benefit from at an early stage. These folk stories for kids are the best way to teach them the right moral and soical values which will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Podcast Link-Indian Folk Stories For Kids

Kittu Aur Chittu – Fun Jokes for Kids

Kittu Aur Chittu are two loveable kids from India who are always engaged in tongue-in-cheek humor due to their innocense and naughtiness alike. These children jokes are going to throw kids in a laugh riot while also bringing a nice smile on the faces of adults too. As called in Hindi, these “Bachchon ke chutkule” are one of the most loved section on Chimes Radio.

Podcast Link-Kittu Aur Chittu – Fun Jokes for Kids

Kabhi Socha Hai – Science Podcast for Kids

Are you a curious kid? Do you like to know the logical and often the scientific reason behind things that happens around you? Does it ever wonder you that:

Why is sky blue in color? How do birds fly? Why is seawater salty? How does an airplane fly? Why are leaves green?

Well if you also tend to stress your mind to find the answers to such questions, then you are in the right place. “Kabhi Socha Hai” is a factual science podcast for kids. Each episode is 3-4 minutes long where we take on such an interesting topic head-on and provide a scientific and/or logical explanation that is easy to understand for young minds.

Delivered in Hindi, and a bit of English, this educational podcast is not only for kids but also for those inquisitive adults who would like to refresh their science basics and be prepared to act all knowledgable when kids pop these questions to them.

All the episodes of this podcast series, “Kabhi Socha Hai” can be enjoyed on the Free Chimes Radio mobile apps – available on Google and Apple App stores. Disclaimer: This content is for entertainment only. While we take precautions to ensure our explanations are factually correct as per the scientific and world understanding, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

We highly recommend listeners to do follow-on research if they are planning to use this information for any further analysis, research work, academic work or for quoting it in public domain.

Podcast Link-Kabhi Socha Hai – Science Podcast for Kids

Story Time with Soha Ali Khan

Stories have the power to transport the reader to a fantastical, magical land, away from the monotony of daily life. Stories enrich a child’s life and unleash vivid imagination. Juggernaut Books brings to you a curated list of children’s stories by the country’s top publishers. We have HarperCollins India, Karadi Tales, Rupa Publishers, Scholastic and more onboard to bring you and your child this experience.

In each episode of the Hubhopper Original Story Time with Soha Ali Khan, actress, mom, and writer Soha Ali Khan will read out one story that will leave your child in a whimsical place.

Podcast Link-Story Time with Soha Ali Khan

Storico | Hindi Moral Stories For Kids

All parents want to teach moral values to their kids . Stories are definitely a good way to teach children their values . Kid’s learn through stories . They learn what they see , hear and read . But parents have no more time for their kids to tell them our values via stories . So here I am trying to give you a solution .

My stories are Innovative , Educational and inspirational . Listen my stories with your kids . It will definitely help in building the personality of your child . Subscribe my youtube channel Storico.

Podcast Link-Storico | Hindi Moral Stories For Kids

Disney Magic of Storytelling

On the Disney Magic of Storytelling Podcast, our talented ABC11 cast members perform beloved Disney children’s stories for all to enjoy. Spark imagination and entertainment whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home. All content is rated G and appropriate for children.

Podcast Link-Disney Magic of Storytelling

Telugu Stories

Our pledge is to bring Telugu language closer to young generations, One Story At a Time! Our stories are perfect for families at bedtime, dinner time, reading time, or anytime you wish!

Most of us are grown up with fairy tales, moral stories, folklore, fictional and fascinating educational stories. With the advent of globalization, risk of moving away from our cultural roots is high. Don’t we want to bring our children closer to our cultures?

Welcome to, where the stories from your childhood are recorded and made easy for your kids to listen. Check our website now to tap into our stories. See you there!

Podcast Link-Telugu Stories

Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So Fabulous Life

Meet Nikki Maxwell! She’s starting eight grade in a new school—and her very first diary. In 15 fully dramatized episodes, an animated cast of characters hilariously present Nikki’s Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life.

Adapted from Rachel Renée Russell’s bestselling series, the Dork Diaries podcast offers family entertainment for longtime fans and those meeting Nikki for the first time.

Produced in partnership with Simon & Schuster Audio, this fiction podcast for kids stars longtime Dork Diaries audiobook narrator and award-winning actress Jenni Barber. New episodes land Monday and Friday.

Podcast Link-Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So Fabulous Life

The Two Princes

Rupert and Amir are finally getting married and this time nothing is going to stop them. Not the handsome new prince who’s rolled into town and only has eyes for Rupert. Not the mysterious disappearance of half the kingdom’s population. Not even the End of the World.

Yes, this time the princes are definitely, absolutely, 100% getting married – even if it’s the last thing they do. Season 3 is out now!The Two Princes stars Noah Galvin, Ari’el Stachel, Jonah Fields, Gideon Glick, Michelle Gomez, Mandi Masden, Wesley Taylor, Samira Wiley, and CJ Wilson.

The Two Princes was written by Kevin Christopher Snipes and directed by Mimi O’Donnell. Music and lyrics by Matt Schatz.Executive producer Mimi O’Donnell, senior producer Katie Pastore, associate producer Julie Balefsky.

Recorded and mixed by Jonathon Roberts, engineered by Armando Serrano, sound design by Daniel Brunelle. Music direction by Jonathon Roberts. Score by Greg Laswell.

Podcast Link-The Two Princes

Sleep Tight Stories – Bedtime Stories for Kids

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week.

The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors.

Podcast Link-Sleep Tight Stories – Bedtime Stories for Kids

Stories For Kids

Tell Awesome Stories to your little-aged kids. Make a Beautiful night full of fun and morals. Read Very Popular Stories Like.Peter Pan StoriesSnow White StoriesThe Little Mermaid Story and more…Bedtime Stories For Kids, Bedtime Stories, Children Stories, Children Entertainment.Fun With Learn

Podcast Link-Stories For Kids

Akbar Birbal Stories- Hindi Moral Tales

Jalal-ud-din-Mohammad Akbar, also known as Akbar, was one of the most famous Mughal kings and he reigned India during the 16th century. Akbar, unlike other Mughal emperors, was keen to have talented people in his court irrespective of their religion.

He had nine gems in his court and amongst them, Birbal was widely considered the most intelligent. A Brahmin by birth, Birbal’s original name was Mahesh Das and he met Akbar first time when he helped Akbar and his courtiers find the way back to their kingdom after having lost their way while on a hunting trip.

Akbar and Birbal’s friendship lasted for 30 years before Birbal became a casualty of a war with North West tribes and it is said that Akbar went into a deep mourning for 2 days on hearing this and didn’t eat any food.

Numerous Akbar Birbal stories from this time have been passed on from one generation to another in which Akbar will test Birbal’s skills by throwing him into tricky situations and Birbal had to use his wit to get out of them.

Chimes Radio brings a collection of such bedtime stories for kids to enjoy. Each audio story while having a touch of fun also has a strong moral lesson for children.

For more kid’s podcasts and 24×7 web radio, download the free ‘Chimes Radio’ apps from Apple and Google App Stores.

Podcast Link-Akbar Birbal Stories- Hindi Moral Tales


So today we go through in this article about the best Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify. Which Kids and Family Podcasts on Spotify you liked most let us know in the comment box below.

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