What is Amazon ElastiCache in Hindi?

AWS ElastiCache is a fully managed service by Amazon used for deploying, maintaining, and scaling in-memory cache in the cloud. Caching boosts app performance by keeping crucial data in the memory for low-latency access. ElastiCache can be used for enhancing application and database performance.

ElastiCache eliminates the difficulty of establishing and operating a distributed cache system. It can boost web application performance by allowing you to obtain data from a fast, controlled in-memory cache rather than relying completely on the slower disk-based database. It is compatible with both Redis and Memcached caching engines.

Amazon ElastiCache एक अमेज़न वेब सर्विस है इस पोस्ट में हम इसके बारे में अच्छे से जानेंगे What is Amazon ElastiCache in Hindi की Amazon ElastiCache किसे कहते है।

What is Amazon ElastiCache in Hindi?

  • Elasticache is a web service used to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud.
  • It improves the performance of web applications by allowing you to retrieve information from fast, managed in-memory cache instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases.
  • For example, if you are running an online business, customers continuously asking for the information of a particular product. Instead of front-end going and always asking information for a product, you can cache the data using Elasticache.
  • It is used to improve latency and throughput for many read-heavy application workloads (such as social networking, gaming, media sharing, and Q&A portals) or compute intensive workloads (such as a recommendation engine).
  • Caching improves application performance by storing critical pieces of data in memory for low latency access.
  • Cached information may include the results of I/O-intensive database queries or the results of computationally-intensive calculations.

Types of Elasticache

There are two types of Elasticache:


  • Amazon Elasticache for Memcached is a Memcached-compatible in-memory key-value store service which will be used as a cache.
  • It is an easy-to-use, high performance, in-memory data store.
  • It can be used as a cache or session store.
  • It is mainly used in real-time applications such as Web, Mobile Apps, Gaming, Ad-Tech, and E-Commerce.


  • Redis stands for Remote Dictionary Server.
  • It is a fast, open-source, and in-memory key-value data store.
  • Its response time is in a millisecond, and also serves the millions of requests per second for real-time applications such as Gaming, AdTech, Financial services, Health care, and IoT.
  • It is used for caching, session management, gaming, leaderboards, real-time analytics, geospatial, etc.

Benefits of ElastiCache

Here are some Benefits of using AWS ElastiCache-

  • Fully-managed – With Amazon ElastiCache you need not worry about backing up, recovering from failure, configuring, monitoring, software patching, etc. All this is handled by AWS.
  • Scaleable- ElastiCache gives you the flexibility of scaling your business as your application grows. You can even increase the size of your Redis cluster environment to 500 shards, 500 nodes, and perhaps even 340TB of in-memory data.

Then, without any type of downtime, you can easily scale down the resources if you need to minimize expenditures.

  • Improved application performance- In-memory data stores offered by ElastiCache significantly cut down on total response times.

The enhancement is so significant that ordinary read and write operations now take less than a millisecond.

  • Highly available- AWS ElastiCache delivers high availability with automatic failover mitigation and detection in addition to cluster and non-cluster modes.

For instance, standby replicas immediately fix node failures. The same is true for reading operations; if the primary one is busy, the read replicas step in to serve the data and maintain the smooth operation of your program.

Use Cases for ElastiCache

The following are some use cases that take advantage of ElastiCache to improve query speed while being cost-effective:

  • Real-time analytics- When users shop online, product recommendations must be generated right away while they are still perusing the catalog.

This calls for the customer’s previously selected items to be cached and evaluated in realtime in order to suggest the next set of products.

  • Message Management- When the message is delivered to subscribers via various channels, there is always a fluctuation of some subscribers canceling their subscriptions and others entering the channel.

Without a caching mechanism, there is a danger that communications will be lost or overlooked as a result of a delay. ElastiCache assists in keeping the subscription status correct and up to date.

  • Leaderboards- The number of points that players have acquired and where they stand on the leaderboard are constantly updated in the gaming business.

To be able to continuously display the changing leadership positions, requires continuous updates, therefore caching is crucial.

How it works

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed, in-memory caching service supporting flexible, real-time use cases. You can use ElastiCache for caching, which accelerates application and database performance, or as a primary data store for use cases that don’t require durability like session stores, gaming leaderboards, streaming, and analytics. ElastiCache is compatible with Redis and Memcached.


इस पोस्ट में हमने Amazon ElastiCache अमेज़न वेब सर्विस के बारे में अच्छे से जाना। When it comes to caching, AWS ElastiCache is a great solution. It offers two excellent caching engines from which we may quickly select in accordance with our needs. The ideal approach is always to have a secondary cache server because it reduces the burden on the primary server.

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