Know These Important Rules of Three Card Poker Before Playing Game

Poker games have always been extremely popular in the casino. Due to its extreme popularity, multiple variants of this game have been introduced. Some variations have gained both admiration and appreciation of casino owners and players. One such game commonly played among poker players is three card poker

Derek Webb introduced this game in the year 1994, and he patented it in the year 1997. Although in the beginning, the game didn’t receive much attention due to the rules implemented by Casino associations in the United States and the United Kingdom, later on, it became immensely popular among the players when Derek Webb decided to train the dealers by himself.

The appreciation and immense popularity of three card poker are not limited to physical casinos and gambling houses; it has become an equally popular game among online players. The main advantage of three card poker is that it is extremely easy to learn; however, if you want to win

There are a total of two variations of three-card poker, namely: Prime Three Card Poker and six card bonus.

in this game, you would require enough knowledge and skill. Unlike other poker games, three card poker is quick and efficient, not to mention you can earn a lot of money by playing this game online.

What are the main rules of three card poker?

If you are new to the three card poker game, you should be aware of some important rules before you start playing this poker game. Let us check these important rules below:

  • In this game, the ranks of the hands follow the same point structure as the poker, however, there are just two differences. In three card poker, the number of cards used is three, and a flush is lower than a straight. The following are the highest-ranking hands you can get in a three card poker game: royal flush, straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight flush, pair, and high card.
  • The amount of bet you will be making must be parallel or equivalent to the three card poker bankroll.
  • While playing the game, if your highest card and the dealer’s highest card turn out to be the same, then your and the dealer’s second-highest card will be considered for results. Similarly, if both parties’ second-highest card remains the same, the third will be considered. This process will continue until a winner has been decided.
  • In a circumstance where the dealer possesses the Queen or higher card, you will have to defeat the dealer to win the bet and the game. The chance winner (you or the dealer) will take both the ante bet and the play bet. 
  • If you are betting and the dealer does not have a Queen or any better card then you will be the winner of your ante bet because the dealer won’t play. More importantly, your play bet will also get pushed even if your hand gets defeated by the dealer’s hand.

How can you play a three card poker game?

The game we know as three card poker is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. As a player, you won’t have to compete with other players to win in this game. Instead, you will be matched with the dealer. Both the dealer and player will be given three cards at the beginning of the game and the player will also have to put in an ante bet to initiate the three card poker

After the dealings are done, the player can choose to continue or forfeit. In case the player wants to forfeit, they need to disclose their hand, and if they choose to continue, they will have put forward an additional wager termed as a play wager along with the previous ante bet. 

If multiple players are playing the game, then the game will continue until all the players have revealed their hands, and then their hands will be compared to the dealer’s hand. The better hand will win the game. Also, remember that the high card has the least weight in this game while the straight flush combinations are the best.

Final words

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