Top Best Most Popular Books for Children in Kenya

In today’s article, we will know about Top Best Most Popular Books for Children in Kenya. If you like to read Children Books then this article only for you so stay tuned and find your best Children Books in Kenya.

Top Best Most Popular Books for Children in Kenya

  • For You Are a Kenyan Child
  • Mama Panya’s Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya
  • Planting the Trees of Kenya
  • Sulwe
  • Wangari’s trees of peace
  • Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book
  • Seeds of Change: Planting a Path to Peace
  • A Kenya Christmas
  • Chirchir Is Singing
  • The Lion & the Mouse
  • Lila and the Secret of Rain
  • The Wooden Camel
  • Anna and Samia: The True Story of Saving a Black Rhino
  • Kay Kay’s Alphabet Safari Dana Sullivan
  • 14 Cows for America
  • Let’s Explore Egypt Elle Parkes
  • Cultural Traditions in Kenya Kylie Burns
  • Rhino in the House: The Story of Saving Samia
  • Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
  • Community Soup
  • Mimi’s Village: And How Basic Health Care Transformed It
  • Moto and Me: My Year As a Wildcat’s Foster Mom
  • Only the Mountains Do Not Move: A Maasai Story of Culture and Conservation
  • Mama Miti
  • Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book
  • The Mystery of the Lion’s Tail
  • Wangari Maathai: The Woman Who Planted Millions of Trees
  • The Matatu
  • Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna
  • One Day I Will Write About This Place: A Memoir
  • First Come the Zebra
  • I Love Ugali and Sukuma Wiki Kwame Nyong’o
  • Say You’re One of Them
  • Rights of the Child, Mothers and Sentencing: The Case of Kenya Alice Wambui Macharia
  • East African When Stories Pamela Kola
  • How the ostrich got its long neck
  • Purple Hibiscus


So today we go through in this article about the Top Best Most Popular Books for Children in Kenya. Which Children Books you liked most let us know in the comment box below.

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Ravi Giri
Ravi Giri
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